Siedle, the specialist for building communication systems, and Jung, the specialist for building technology, have joined forces. Siedle benefits from access to the world of switches and building automation while Jung can rely on Siedle’s experience and innovative strength at the threshold. Both companies retain their respective strengths and identity, but the joint venture has created new opportunities for craftsmen, tradesmen and architects. A new synergy.



»Joining forces but staying independent, that's new«

Gabriele Siedle and Harald Jung on the joint venture between their two medium-sized enterprises – and building communication in the 21st century.

What does “New synergy” stand for?

Gabriele Siedle: Synergy means achieving more together than alone. And “new” means firstly that we are just starting out. Secondly, it means that there has never been a joint venture like this in the industry. The fact that two medium-sized enterprises join forces and bundle competencies while remaining independent is new – and fantastic!

Harald Jung: We are being faced with the demand for interaction between door intercom systems and building systems ever more frequently. “New synergy” offers massive benefits in this respect. At the threshold Jung relies on Siedle; at the same time Siedle door intercom systems are integrated into Jung’s intelligent building technology. We are taking a step towards smart building control.

Why the partnership? And why now?

Harald Jung: Demands on building technology are increasing all the time. New synergy enables both partners to build on their strong positions and expand the scope for possible future joint innovations.

Gabriele Siedle: Actually we should be asking why we didn't do this earlier? We are faced with challenges which did not exist in the past. We have to deal with competitors which did not exist in the past. As medium-sized companies, we don't need to make our lives more difficult, rather we should stick together.

At what stage does the joint venture actually start?

Harald Jung: The basis for the joint venture is the use of “Siedle technology”: this means that our Jung indoor stations will work with all Siedle In-Home systems.

Gabriele Siedle: Jung was looking for a door communication system which would satisfy its own demands for quality. Siedle was given the opportunity to cover demand for counter intercoms. The beginning of the joint venture is marked by considerations as to which products and which developments provide benefits to both of us.

Siedle and Jung are also strong, well-known brands. How do you intend to deal with this?

Gabriele Siedle: With consistency. The brands and the companies will remain independent and separate. We don’t want to merge but simply act together. We have enough evidence to show that a merger will not work. The brand, the design, our own identity and recognition value are all immeasurable assets which we have built up over many years. It is essential that we hold on to them.

Harald Jung: We know that working in harmony and trusting each other provide the basis for excellent services. These values derived from a sense of responsibility and working together in partnership apply to our employees, suppliers, customers and also other joint venture partners. In this respect, we regard the joint venture as a real boon for tradesmen, architects and developers, all of whom benefit from the combined strengths of two medium-sized specialist companies.

You head up companies with long traditions. Is that more of a challenge or actually an opportunity?

Gabriele Siedle: It is the foundation. Jung and Siedle are credible. People know us, they trust us and they appreciate us. We also trust each other and know what we have from each other. With a large concern whose first thought is what can be done more cheaply elsewhere and what we could still manufacture in Furtwagen, we would never have got beyond the first meeting.

Harald Jung: When Albrecht Jung started his business in 1912, he wanted to help shape the future with his ideas. That is why our company’s history is dominated by technology and design innovations. Many of them are now established as classics. Now, this joint venture with Siedle is placed under the same belief. We are helping to shape the future in terms of smart building technology.

Are you planning to work together in other areas or can you imagine doing so?

Harald Jung: We have a commitment to creating benefits for customers, regardless of trends and fashions. We will continue to hold true to our claim “Progress as tradition”. Ongoing trend research and thorough analysis of demand play a major role. If we identify new wishes and demands, new areas of cooperation are certainly conceivable.

Gabriele Siedle: Yes, a whole lot of things are conceivable. Just look at how much intelligence and skill are combined between Jung and Siedle! If we can bundle that, the possibilities are endless. Our synergy is new, but it is far from exhausted.

Synergy effects

The combined strengths of two specialists

Siedle and Jung combine their skills. Four reasons why this is a good idea.

1. Wider, deeper, stronger.

Excellent building communication meets an extensive system world of switches and controls: Siedle has been manufacturing door communication systems for longer than many of its competitors have existed. Jung is a genuine expert in KNX building systems and switches. Together, Siedle and Jung offer the widest, deepest and strongest range of products for building technology in all its guises.

2. The cleverest bus.

The In-Home bus with its superior technology, automated set-up using plug+play and its enormous range of outdoor and indoor call stations is definitely the best choice. The variety of equipment has been even expanded thanks to the joint venture: customer demands for call stations with a switch design can now also be met. Not by Siedle, but by the specialists who understand switches best. Jung indoor stations are 100 percent compatible with the In-Home bus. That is guaranteed by the “Siedle system technology”mark. On the other hand, Siedle building communication can now also be connected to automation systems with KNX. Both sides win – and customers have a whole new range of possibilities.

3. Don’t waste time learning. Get going straight away.

Those who are familiar with the In-Home bus and know how to install Jung systems can immediately make use of the synergy effects. Because there is nothing more they need to know. The processes are the same and all the devices are included in the relevant planning tools, programs and manuals.

4. Responsibility and reliability.

The Siedle and Jung brands have a great deal in common. This includes their absolute loyalty to specialist contractors, their commitment to the highest possible quality, their great care, extensive service and fair dealings with partners. Both companies are medium-sized enterprises who are committed to responsibility, including on a personal basis. These many principles which they share have a long tradition in both companies. Both are completely reliable. That has been the case for many years and it will continue to be in the future.



»What we want is a complete package that works.«

Architect Alexander Brenner and master electrician Josef Schäfer keep working together on joint projects. What are they hoping for from the joint venture between Siedle and Jung?

»The topics of depth, material, quality and function are relevant to us in all areas of design. That is why we do not look for short-lived effects but attempt to achieve timeless elegance and contemporary design. Siedle and Jung meet our own aspirations in many respects. The products supplied by both companies combine durability and design excellence with continuous technical development. I believe that the basic philosophies of Jung and Siedle are a perfect fit and the joint venture will be a real boon for everybody concerned – above all in terms of their overall design and technical solutions.«

Alexander Brenner
Alexander Brenner Architekten, Stuttgart.
Photographs: Zooey Braun Fotografie.

»In the age of bus systems and smartphone apps, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to provide customers with a truly intuitive, functional solution. The lack of compatibility between the building control system and video intercom system has been a particular problem for us in the past. What we want from Siedle and Jung is a complete package that works in which the door communication can be controlled using building technology control panels and apps. I believe that both brands provide the perfect basis for this.«

Josef Schäfer
Master Electrician, Rottenburg.